Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you may have some concerns. Common concerns are addressed here. 

Marketing Plans

Are the results guaranteed?

Obviously there are no guarantees in life, however we do provide the hard work, persistence and skill that is necessary to reach your audience. Our Marketing Plans are customized and will be made with your input.

How long is a campaign?

 The initial support comes within the first two weeks. Active campaign support runs for 8 weeks however, campaign results continue to run for much longer.

Will you do everything for me?

Marketing plans typically yield poor results without proper engagement from the Artist and their team. I offer plans and resources that helps create momentum for releases but active involvement is necessary for a successful campaign.

How much growth should be expected?

Results will vary depending on audience, strength of music, consistency, and participation from artist.

When does the campaign start?

Campaign start depends on artists preference and timeline as early as  48 hrs of purchase.

A la carte options

What is A la carte?

Well its a play on words, the term is borrowed from the food industry that means “individual item”.

Why buy a individual service?

If you have a more specific need A la carte is the perfect service for you as we can add value to your team. 

Are these the only services you offer?

Currently, these are the services I have the most experience with but if you had a need that is not listed hear please let us know.

Why are there limits on how many services that can be purchased?

I often work alone so to maintain quality spots are limited and reset every month. So if you missed the opportunity try again at the beginning of the month.

Contact Me

Ask a question that was not covered. I am happy to help.

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